BK 49: (Aug 2, 2022) Food for Thought: Planetary Healing Begins on Our Plate


Hi Everyone...

Our Aug 2nd meeting we will discuss the book Food for Thought: Planetary Healing Begins on Our Plate by Camila Perussello (Mar 8, 2022). 

With 336 pages it will be approximately 12 pages a day.

Check out the Bio links and videos below:

Food for Thought empowers and inspires readers to make informed and healthier choices to create a better world for themselves and our planet.

Food for Thought seeks to enlighten people about their power as individuals to shape industry and society starting from the food they eat. The reader is invited to question who is really benefiting from our present food system through a detailed science-based analysis of food production and consumption. Perussello discusses how the production and consumption of animal products go well beyond the blatant violence against non-human animals: she posits that animal agriculture is procuring a world of disease, unhappiness, injustice, and environmental depletion. The author then presents an accessible, science-based analysis of animal food production from the perspective of Food Process Engineering. She then provides insightful discussions on the health, ecological, social, and spiritual implications of our diet. This information is supported by powerful photographs taken by Animal Equality's undercover investigators in animal farms worldwide. The author elaborates on the relationship between microbial pathogens (including Covid-19), antibiotic resistance, and the consumption of animal products, rendering this book a timely reading.

Food for Thought also unveils myths on "humane" and "sustainable" animal foods, such as organic milk, grass-fed meat, and cage-free eggs, demonstrating how animal agriculture is the antithesis of compassion and sustainability, regardless of farm size, production system, and geographical region. Food for Thought is ultimately an invitation to a regenerated society. This book will help vegetarians and omnivores align their actions with their values and live a happier, more fulfilling life. The unprecedented views on food production offered by this compelling reading will also empower vegans in communicating with their non-vegan peers about the importance of following a plant-based lifestyle.