Bk 48: (Jul 5, 2022) Hot Mess

Hi Everyone...

Our Jul 5th meeting we will discuss the book Hot Mess by Matt Winning (Apr 19, 2022). 

With 288 pages it will be approximately 10 pages a day.

Check out the Bio links and videos below:

"For fans of Randall Munro's What If? Matt Parker's Humble Pi and anyone looking for practical tips on how to stop the end of the world!

Dr. Matt Winning is a stand-up comedian and environmental economist with a PHD in climate change policy, which means he's the sort of doctor who will rush to your side if you fall ill on a plane, but only to berate you for flying.

We are currently facing a global climate emergency. You've probably noticed. But why does the end of the world need to be so depressing? Hot Mess aims to both lighten the mood and enlighten readers on climate change. This is a book for people who care about climate change but aren't doing much about it, helping readers understand what the main causes of climate change are, what changes are needed, and what they can (and cannot) do about it.

But, most importantly, it is book that'll help people find the comedy in climate change, because if we can do that, well, we can do bloody anything."