BK 41: (Nov 2, 2021) Invasive Aliens: The Plants and Animals From Over There That Are Over Here

Hi Everyone...

Our Nov 2nd discussion will be on the book Invasive Aliens: The Plants and Animals From Over There That Are Over Here by Dan Eatherley (Aug 27, 2019). 

With 291 reading pages it will be approximately 10 pages a day. 

Check out the Bio below: 

A unique history of plant and animal invaders of the British isles spanning thousands of years of arrivals and escapes, as well as defences mounted and a look to the future.

As Brits we pride ourselves as stoic defenders, boasting a record of resistance dating back to 1066.

Yet, even a cursory examination of the natural world reveals that while interlopers of the human variety may have been kept at bay, our islands have been invaded, conquered and settled by an endless succession of animals, plants, fungi and other alien lifeforms that apparently belong elsewhere. Indeed it’s often hard to work out what actually is native, and what is foreign.

From early settlement of our islands, through the Roman and mediaeval period, to the age of exploration and globalisation, today’s complement of alien species tells a story about our past.

This is what we discussed at the meeting...

* Would like pictures 

* Would like  maps

* Liked Whitney Brown Quote on p. 120 

* Ending was good with balance idea

* DDT and Squirrels

* British Language

* Drowning in Plastic Film  - Bacteria on the plastic 

1 Billion Oyster Project in Blue Mind #4 with Force Blue Team (See my Broadcast Schedule)

* Buddhist Monks

* Intentionally introducing Invasive plants

* Historical stories 

* 1970s & 80s social consciousness of furs etc vs now

* What is going on with our own Environment

* Lobsters being a benefit? Gordon Ramsey

* Impossible to get rid of...Rhizomes/Seeds & the $ it takes

* Balance

* Ships

* 3 Types Controls

* Collapse

* Wakame/Miso Soup

* Honey Toxic Military 

* Sea Walnuts

* References good

* Quaggas

* Reindeer Poop/Coke

* Lionfish being culled also in Blue Mind #5 with Force Blue Team (See my Broadcast Schedule)

* Mink/Rabbit Coats & Frog vs Rabbit Tests

* Animal Rights views actually harmful

* Asian Carp

* What should Nature look like today?

* Electricity being used to kill plants

* Sterilizing males

* Lake Victoria, Perch 1800s killing other fish

* Zebra Mussels Lake Erie

* Questioned Omega XL site says New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel. States Sustainable

* Whose is make $$ with this?

* Fox reporting Biden took 1K people to COP26...Carbon offset but?

* What is Pristine today? 

* 2 Female Condors having a baby

* AeroFarms - Video Presentation 

** If there is something I have forgotten please email me at greenbkclub@gmail.com and I'll try to get it added ASAP!