BK 36: (Jun 1, 2021) Sudden Spring: Stories of Adaptation in a Climate-Changed South


Hi Everyone...

Our Jun 1st discussion will be on the book Sudden Spring: Stories of Adaptation in a Climate-Changed South by Rick Van Noy (Jan 15, 2019). 

With 200 reading pages it will be approximately 7 pages a day. 

Check out the Bio, & Podcast below: 

"The results of climate change make the headlines almost daily. All across America and the globe, communities have to adapt to rising sea levels, intensified storms, and warmer temperatures. One way or another, climate change will be a proving ground. We will either sink, in cases where the land is subsiding, or swim, finding ways to address these challenges.

While temperatures and seas are rising slowly, we have some immediate choices to make. If we act quickly and boldly, there is a small window of opportunity to prevent the worst. We can prepare for the changes by understanding what is happening and taking specific measures. There is “commitment” already in the climate change system. To minimize those effects will require another kind of commitment, the kind Rick Van Noy illustrates in these stories about a climate-distressed South.

Like Rachel Carson’s groundbreaking work Silent Spring, Rick Van Noy’s Sudden Spring is a call to action to mitigate the current trends in our environmental degradation. By highlighting stories of people and places adapting to the impacts of a warmer climate, Van Noy shows us what communities in the South are doing to become more climate resilient and to survive a slow deluge of environmental challenges."

The author starts up about 5 min into the video! He shows pictures of what he discusses in the book!!! 
This is what we discussed during the meeting...

* Questioning Title

* Hope

* Norfolk

* Artic Oil Drilling and passage

** If I have forgotten anything please let me know!