BK 30: (Dec 1, 2020) Why Waste Food?

Hi Everyone...

Our Dec 1st discussion will be on the book Why Waste Food by Andrew F. Smith (Aug 10, 2020). 

With 176 pages it will be approximately 6 pages a day. 

Check out the Bio & Videos below: 

"About one-third of all food grown for human consumption is lost or discarded every year, despite financial, environmental, and ethical reasons not to waste food. We grow enough food to adequately feed everyone on the planet, yet hundreds of millions of people suffer from hunger, malnutrition, or food insecurity. Together, this food waste accounts for about eight percent of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions. So, if wasting food is such a patently bad idea, why do we discard so much? In Why Waste Food?, Andrew F. Smith investigates one of today’s most pressing topics, examining the causes of avoidable food waste across the supply chain and highlighting the ways in which everyone can do something to tackle this global concern."

"Food Waste: A History" from CHSC on Vimeo.

Also if you did not watch the following during our movie weeks...

Wasted! The Story of Food Waste

Hope: What We Eat Matters